Tally Prime Software Your Business Growth Partner

We are here to help make your life easier by applying our knowledge and expertise in order processing, inventory tracking, payroll management, bookkeeping, accounting, regulations / compliance and taxes with TallyPrime Software.

TallyPrime Software Your Growth Partner

When you want to grow your business and make the right decisions, working with the best insights is a vital part of the process. The new Tally Prime Software helps you look at reports in the way that works for you, whether it’s “Go-To” or by adding new custom filters. Tally Prime also lets you manage multiple companies wherever you are so that your business can scale alongside your workforce. Features like Manage Multiple Companies help businesses take on more responsibility, avoiding complexity where possible so as to focus on growth.

Better Control Over Cash Flow

Getting paid on time is a must if you want to maintain excellent client and customer relations. Tally Prime Software simplifies the process by allowing fast, more accurate invoicing that doesn’t require any involvement from your accountant or third party at all. It also lets you view up-to-the minute details of your inventory and manage what needs selling and what needs storing so there’s even more accuracy with stock management. Lastly, reports that can show you access to many key data points about your business on the go means you can make confident decisions about where to focus your energy next.

Enhanced Business Efficiency

Tally helps you save time to work smarter rather than harder. With Tally Prime Software, you can view or print reports while voucher entry is paused and switch between companies without losing your place in the working report. If you want more information about a report, Tally will provide top-line irregularities or even some details from the report if necessary. No more remembering short cut keys; with Tally’s intuitive and consistent workflow, your job will be performed faster because you effectively managed to learn how everything works quicker!

Tax Compliance Made Easy

Tally’s Prevention, Detection, and Correction mechanism will ensure that you find your books in order at all times. This is guaranteed to give you the confidence to be able to state with certainty that the return statements you submit are always correct!

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