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Get Ahead with TallyPrime’s Latest Release 3.0: Explore the Latest Features and Improvements

Tally is a versatile software solution that can cater to businesses of all types. Although it is primarily known for its accounting, return filing, and data analysis capabilities, there are many other reasons why Tally is a popular choice among businesses. Tally can be used by a variety of industries, including manufacturing, retail, trading, export-import, automobile, and service industries, among others. This is due to Tally’s diverse features and adaptable accounting and business management software.

Over time, Tally has continued to improve its usability by introducing new features and versions. Some of the recent features added to TallyPrime include an audit trail of user activity, digital signature, a ‘Go to’ search bar (not available in Tally ERP 9 and previous versions), and browser reporting. These features were added after carefully analyzing the requirements of Tally users. Tally is expected to release a new version of TallyPrime, version 3.0, which is anticipated to include even more amazing features.

Multi GST in Single Company Data:

The feature of Multi GST in a single company data allows businesses to manage multiple GSTINs (Goods and Services Tax Identification Numbers) within a single company file. This feature is especially useful for companies that operate in different states or have different business verticals that require separate GST registration.

Multi GST in Single Company Data is a powerful feature that simplifies GST compliance for businesses with multiple GSTINs. It saves time and effort while ensuring accurate calculation of taxes and simplified reporting.

Quick search features for filtering reports:

TallyPrime’s quick search features provide users with powerful tools to filter and analyze data in reports. These features allow users to quickly and easily find the information they need, which can help them make informed business decisions.

Improved Data Management Experience:

TallyPrime’s improved data management experience makes it easier for businesses to manage their data, improve operational efficiency, and make better decisions. The software’s advanced features, intuitive interface, and integration options help businesses streamline their processes, save time, and focus on growth.


Real-time access to latest GST return formats:

TallyPrime’s real-time access to the latest GST return formats ensures that businesses can comply with GST regulations, avoid penalties, and streamline their GST compliance process. The software’s customizable templates, real-time validation, and automatic calculations features help businesses prepare and file their GST returns with ease & accuracy. 

Intuitive configuration of GST/HSN/SAC rates:

TallyPrime’s intuitive configuration of GST/HSN/SAC rates simplifies the process of managing GST compliance for businesses. The software’s built-in HSN/SAC code directory, automatic tax calculation, and GST return preparation features help businesses save time and reduce errors in their GST compliance process.

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